Latrice Williams
User Experience Professional

Working in Atlanta, GA


If you're looking for an awesome addition to your User Experience (UX) team, you've come to the right place!



"But I thought you did UI work. What's the difference?"

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I am a creative thinker and problem solver. I use those skills as a User Experience Architect to design modern interfaces that seamlessly blend user needs with business requirements. I also enjoy evaluating and redesigning existing user interfaces, which my portfolio work reflects.

I graduated with a Masters Degree in Human-Computer Interaction from the Georgia Institute of Technology in May 2013. While there, I specialized in Computing (wireframing and prototyping interactive designs).

My heart belongs to the details. I actually always found them to be more important than the big picture. Nothing works without details. They are everything, the baseline of quality.
— Dieter Rams


...what I do have [is] a very particular set of skills; skills I have acquired over a very long [school] career...
— Liam Neeson

Wireframes, Prototyping, and Visual Design

Balsamiq - Low fidelity wireframes and rapid prototypes

Axure - Interaction prototyping and high fidelity wireframes

Microsoft Visio - Data mapping and flow diagrams

Adobe Photoshop - High fidelity mockups

Adobe Illustrator - High fidelity mockups, icon design, style guides

Adobe InDesign - High fidelity wireframes and requirements documentation

User Research

Personas - Representations of user types

Usability Testing - Concept/system evaluation done by performing tasks with users

Contextual Inquiry - Interviewing and observing users in their actual environments

Heuristic Evaluations - Expert system evaluation based on pre-established criteria

Focus Groups - Qualitative research study method

Survey Design - Rapid qualitative and quantitative data gathering

Interviews (Structured/Unstructured) - Conversation with users/clients about novel or existing systems

Front End Development

HTML/HTML5 - Page content

CSS/CSS3 - Page styling (including colors, fonts, and sizes), and  responsive design

WordPress (PHP) - theme development and modification of available content

JQuery/Javascript - Page level and between page interactions


Presentation Creation - Creating simple, elegant presentation slides and notes

Public Speaking - Presentations of information in large group settings

Info Visualization - Creation of high quality visuals to denote results of data analysis


Microsoft Office Suite - Power user of Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Visio, and OneNote

Computer Preference - Windows & Apple power user

Device Preference - Android and iOS power user, familiar with Windows devices

If you read this far, you may also be interested in all the other things I do for fun.

I read books (dystopian and psychological thrillers), watch crime shows, sew clothes, and play video games. I enjoy taking my dog on long walks through the neighborhood and getting covered in dog hair (check him out!).

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